May SOL Testing Schedule!

SOL Testing Starts This Week!!

SOL Testing is here!  Tomorrow, Monday, May 3rd, we will begin with our virtual students who will be coming in to take their Reading SOL.  Mr. Kamar has sent details, including bus information, to families and students this past week, and students received information in their SOAR classes.  

We realize that this will be the first time that many of our students will be coming to Holmes, so we will be sure to make them feel welcome and comfortable tomorrow!

Important details for ALL students on Thursday, May 6th:  

  • There will be no 1st period class for ANY students on Thursday, May 6th.   
  • In-person students will report directly to their testing location (their SOAR class for most students) on Thursday morning and will remain there until 10:17 am. 
  • Virtual students will be ASYNCHRONOUS from 7:30-10:30 am on Thursday.  They will not need to report to class until the normal 5th period time.  

It's not too late to opt your student out of SOLs.  If you would still like to opt them out, you can fill out the appropriate form below.

In case you missed it, here's the link again to the PTA meeting on 4/21 where we talked about the specifics of opting out and what to consider.  

If you have any questions about your student(s) and their SOL tests, please feel free to reach out to our testing coordinator, Mr. Kamar, at @email, or to your student's counselor.



Is your student's laptop ready for SOL testing?

Since most of our virtual students have not been in the building this school year, it is critically important that their laptops have the necessary updates for SOL testing.  Please scroll down to the section about Laptop Care for students, and follow the steps identified there. 

ALL students will need to bring their school-issued laptops fully charged (and bring chargers with them) to school on testing days.  If your student does NOT have a school-issued laptop, they should NOT bring their personal laptop to school for testing.  We will temporarily issue them a laptop for the testing day only.