8th Grade Student Laptop Distribution

Thursday, August 23 2018
11am - 5pm
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Student Device Guidelines:  

Please review the responsibilities and guidelines.  The student is responsible for his or her laptop and cord at all times.  We also recommend all students purchase a sleeve to protect a 14 inch screen laptop.  To view student device guidelines, click on this link: FCPSOn%20Device%20Flyer.pdf

Laptop Distribution Day:

Laptop Distribution will be Thursday, August 23rd from 11:00am – 5:00pm and will be held in the Library.  Parents and students must be present for the laptop to be issued. Plan to spend about 30 minutes at the school preparing your laptop with the possibility of it taking more or less time depending on the number of students arriving at that time.  Prior to picking up your laptop, please be sure to review the permission form link: IT-Student%20Device%20Form%202017%20-%20English_0%20%281%29_3.pdf 

Personally Owned Devices:  

All 8th grade students are expected to have a computer for learning this year.  If you and your student choose to use a personally owned device rather than an FCPS issued laptop, it must meet the criteria noted on this permission form.  Students using their own device must return a signed permission slip when returning to school this fall. To view the permission form, click on this link: IT-Student%20Device%20Form%202017%20-%20English_0%20%281%29_2.pdf

Students must be present to pick up their own laptop. 


Additional information can be found within the Academics section of the Holmes MS website by clicking on the Holmes 1-to-1 learning tab .

Holmes 1-to-1 Information and resources here

Device guidelines, responsibilities, and maintenance here