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What is Best for Our Students?

As an IBMYP school, this year we will use the question, “What is best for our students?” as our guiding point so that we can agree to decisions and implement processes that promote the best possible learning for our students. We’ll know we’ve got it when our collaborative practices and processes demonstrate our commitment to meeting the needs of all students above our individual preferences.

  • We agree that these practices are what is best for student growth:
  • Plan purposefully to have the elements of positive culture in place throughout the school building to ensure students feel safe
  • Use multiple sources of data to monitor student progress and plan instruction that is tailored to students’ needs
  • Collaborate in CTs to design rigorous, engaging, and differentiated instruction to meet the developmental and academic needs of all students
  • Engage all students in meaningful learning experiences with rigorous academics through a variety of processes (workshop model, blended learning, elements of IBMYP, and academic choice) in the classroom

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