Holmes After-School Program

Holmes After-School Program Overview 

The Holmes After-School Program is available after school from 2:15-4:45 Monday-Friday. The program offers a wide range of fun and engaging activities that balance academics, enrichment, community service, culture, youth development, and recreation with an evaluation plan with assessments on attendance, quality, and student outcomes. Students will be able to attend club activities during after-school hours beginning in September. 

Our shared philosophy is that students who engage in these programs are more likely to develop positive attitudes towards school, achieve full academic potential, and become productive citizens. Students are encouraged to maintain a balance between their instructional studies, after-school activities, and other outside interests.  Throughout the course of this school year, your student will have an opportunity to get involved in an array of clubs, volunteer opportunities, and recreational activities.


Late buses are provided Monday -Thursday. If a student would like to stay on Friday for After-School, that student must secure a ride home. Please note that ASP bus numbers and bus stops may differ from your students regular bus number and bus stop. Students not taking the late bus home are expected to be picked up no later than the end time of the program; 4:45pm. Students that are picked up prior to 4:45 must be signed out of the main office. Walkers may sign themselves out anytime after 3:30.


The After-School Program is available to all Holmes Middle School Students Monday-Friday from 2:15-4:45 at no cost. The program will start in September 2023 and continue through May 2024. Accurate attendance is crucial to the success and safety of our students and staff. Students must sign-up for the After-School Program to stay and participate in the activities for that day. Sign-ups are available each day during lunch blocks. Any student who does not sign-up for the After-School Program during the school day will not be able to participate in that day’s activities. 

Participation in our After-School Program is a privilege. Continued participation in the After-School Program is contingent on the student's attention to school behavioral guidelines. All students must understand and agree to follow FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities, local school discipline and safety rules, and all safety and discipline rules regarding bus transportation while participating in the After-School Program. Student participation in the After-School Program may be denied or restricted for the violation of school policies or if parents/guardians are chronically or excessively tardy when attempting to pick up their student. 

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For the most up-to-date information and announcements;

  • All students will automatically be enrolled in the Holmes All Students Schoology Course and our ASP information will be provided within that course. Within that course, information, schedules, activities, resources, and more will all be shared.
  • Daily updates will be provided during the morning and afternoon school day announcements.
  • Families can stay updated with our weekly "News You Choose" newsletters. Sign-up here for Holmes’ News You Choose

The ASP is made possible through contributions of the Fairfax County School Board, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and the Department of Community and Recreation Services and FCPS After School Program Office, other community partners and Holmes MS teachers, administrators and staff.