After School Activities Catalog

Alphabetical list of activities and clubs, schedules, and sponsors

Club Name


Academic Support Academic support is provided several times throughout each week for students that need additional time completing assignments for their teachrs.
Anime Club Students participate in active discussion and activities that explore the world of anime.
Appian Board Games This club is for students interested in playing tabletop strategy games. By playing selected games, students develop critical-thinking skills while engaged in a fun and challenging activity. 
Art Club Art club provides opportunities for student-directed artworks and creative collaborations. 
Asian American LEAD (AALEAD) AALEAD is a partnership between Holmes MS and Asian American Lead a non-profit organization devoted to promoting values of citizenship, character, and self-improvement among students of Asian descent. 
Basketball Club Students participate in recreational basketball games. 
Book Club Students that share a passion for reading come togther during book club to explore, discuss, and deepen their love for books.
Capital One Coders Capital One Bank and Holmes MS have partnered to support students to develop apps and websites by learning how to code.
Clean Environment Club Students passionate about the environment meet to learn and discuss ways to protect and improve our environment. Students will collect recycleables and work collaboratively to create a cleaner, safer, and healthier environment.
Coding Beats Students learn how to create music by coding. Students will work independently and in teams to create their best beats.
Cooking Club Cooking club provides students with opportunities to learn the basics of cooking, 
Dance Club Dance club provides students opportunities to explore different genres, cultures, and styles of dance. Students may organize and develop individual and/or team dance. 
Early Identification Program (EIP) EIP is a partnership between Holmes MS and George Mason University. The purpose of this program is to provide support to academic achievements of selected first-generation college bound middle school students. 
Fashion Club Students design, create, and display their works of art in fashion club.
Film Club Students learn the science and art behind film including how to create, edit, and produce films.
Fitness Club Students learn and practice healthy habits with a focus on physical activity and goal setting.
Flag Football Club Students participate in recreational flag football games. 
Flag Football League Students participate in a semester-long flag football league. Teams will consist of all Holmes MS students. 
Gardening Club  Gardening club provides opportunities for students to learn how to develop and manage landscaping. This includes experiences in; planting techniques, plant selection, weather, and proper plant environment for a successful crop.
Hawk Herald Podcast Students collaborate with their peers, staff, and community members to bring Holmes the latest breaking news stories.
Hawks Running Club Students will participate in physical activities that increase running endurance, technique, and goal setting.
Holmes Buddies Holmes Buddies invites students of all abilities with a focus to participate together in adapted physical activities. Students with severe disabilities are encouraged to join and connect with peers.
Intramurals Club Intramurals club provides students the ability to play different sports throughout the year.  At the end of each quarter, the clubs culminate with a sport event. 
International Dramatic Learning Aspiring actors collaborate in this club to learn and perform historical pieces of theatre while developing their social and literacy skills.  
Jump Rope Club Students learn and practice individual and group jump rope skills and routines.
Lego Masters Students work in teams to build large-scale, challenging, Lego sets.
Maker Space Maker space provides a hands-on opportunity for students to explore their creativity through self-directed building, making, and creating. 
News Crew  News Crew supports learners by providing the opportunity to develop and deliver school news to our school community.
RC Cars Club Students enjoy working in teams to build out their RC car. Students also design/build the RC car race track.
Reps for Rising Freshmen 8th grade students participate in physical fitness to help them prepare for high school sports. 
Soccer Club Students participate in recreational soccer games.
STEM Club STEM club provides opportunities for students to work independently or in groups to develop their science, technology, and mathematical skills. 
Theatre Sports Theatre Sports is a popular club that incorporates competitive improv, learning, and fun!
TJ Math Tutors  TJ Tutors is a partnership between Holmes MS and Thomas Jefferson HS. Students from TJ come to Holmes and support our students academic needs. 
Video Games Club Aspiring gamers get the opportunity to play age-appropriate video games with their peers in this club. Students will also work together to discuss and develop concepts for their own video games.
Voices of Now Voices of Now is a partnership between Holmes MS, the ASP, and Arena Stage. Voices of Now is an acting, writing, devising program for young artists. Students will learn and develop their skills in theatre performance including movement, vocal expression, and collaboration. 
Volleyball Club Volleyball club provides opportunities for students to develop their volleyball skills and learn the sport.
Write Brain Books Write Brain Books is designed to ignite and inspire creativity and imagination while allowing for students to illustrate their own book.
Yearbook Club Yearbook club’s goal is to produce a high-quality yearbook. Students learn writing, marketing, and graphic design skills.