After School Activities Catalog

Alphabetical list of activities and clubs, schedules, and sponsors

ABCD (Anything Boys Can Do)

A mentorship program that is designed to build confidence, self-esteem, positive relationships and leadership qualities in the girls of Holmes Middle School.

Schedule: Mondays for 8th Grade, Wednesdays for 7th Grade. Will add 6th grade in the spring and combine the 7th and 8th grade at that time most likely.

Recruitment process:  We send out an email to 6th grade teachers in the spring that describes the group's mission and we take recommendations. We compile a list based on who teachers recommend. Parent signature is required to indicate knowledge and authorization of daughter's participation in ABCD

Sponsors:  Ms. Ellen Giuliano @email 



A very special gym activity with exercises and dancing for a very special group of students. Students with severe physical and mental challenges are encouraged to join this merry group and participate in fun physical activities.

Schedule: Wednesday

Recruitment process: All students with an IEP for mental a/o physical disabilities are welcome.

Sponsor: Ms. Bridget Cheatham



Support for student directed artworks and creative collaborations.

Recruitment process: First come first serve. Sign up list posted on F10 door.

Schedule: Thursdays 2:30-4:15

Sponsor: Mr. Jason Hutto @email 



This club is a partnership between Holmes M.S. and Asian American Lead a non- profit organization devoted to promote values of citizenship, character, and self-improvement among students of Asian descent.

Recruitment process: AALEAD request a list of names of students of Asian family background and invite them to an interest meeting. There are a limited number of vacancies for students from ethnicities outside Asia.

Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays 2:30PM to 4:15PM

Sponsors: AALEAD / Ms. Rudraraju



An opportunity for our students to develop their team work and Basketball skills.

Recruitment process: Open to all students.

Schedule:  Thursday on the Winter

Sponsors: Mr. Hypnar



Band of Brothers is a leadership group designed for 6th through 8th grade young men in need of more opportunities to realize their full potential as leaders and gentlemen.  The program focuses on the power of teamwork, accountability and determination while infusing athletics and other activities to help young men learn valuable lessons.

Recruitment process:  These young men are selected for the program in 6th grade based on teacher recommendations and observations.  20 young men are selected each year and remain in the program throughout their three years at Holmes.

Schedule: Wednesday

Sponsor: Mr. Risden (6 Grade) & Mr. Donitzen (7 Grade)



The Dance club allows our students to explore modern music and corporal expressions.

Recruitment process: Open to all students. Contact the club’s sponsor.

Schedule: Mondays

Sponsor: Ms. Baker



This club helps participants to develop critical thinking, presentation of ideas and listening skills. Participants will learn strategies to analyze and defend a point of view.

Recruitment process: Open to all students.

Schedule: Fridays

Sponsor: Ms. Nira Nair & Ms. Sophia Pentakalos



This activity is a partnership between Holmes Middle School and George Mason University. The purpose of this program is to provide support to the academic achievements of selected first-generation college bound middle school students.

Recruitment process: There is a program selection process for counselor's nominated students.

Schedule: Mondays

Sponsor: Ms. Kelly Murphy



Games board like Chess, Checker, Uno, and others allow us to think and strategize without the help of a computer. This club encourage thinking, conversation and interpersonal relationship between our students.

Recruitment process: Open to all students, just walk in.

Schedule: Wednesdays

Sponsor: Mr. Wood



A project where students will plant a vegetable garden in school's grounds. Students will learn about planting techniques, plant selection, weather and proper plant environment for a successful crop.

Recruitment process: Open to all students

Schedule: Spring (Days TBD)

Sponsors: Ms. Barber



Improve endurance, build connections, learn proper running form and compete in a 5K (train off campus)

Recruitment process:  open to all female students

Schedule: Thursdays

Sponsors: Ms. Barber and Ms. Looney



This club allows students to participate in the After- School Program Monday through Friday. These students are picked up by their parents by 5:30PM every day.

Recruitment process: Open to all students year round

Schedule: Monday through Friday from 2:30 PM to 5:30PM (if classes are canceled the Hawk Club is closed with the ASP)

Sponsors: Mr. James Yoon and ASP Staff



Rooms where students are divided by grades and have an opportunity to work in their homework, projects or reading.

Recruitment process: Open to all students every day.

Schedule: Monday through Friday 2:30PM to 3:30 PM

Sponsors: Mr. James Yoon and ASP staff,  @email



Observe and experience scientific experiments not normally completed in school, fostering a passion and devotion for the subject. The club is designed around the STEAM model- allowing a variety of hands-on projects for students to interact with and to encourage interest in science.

Recruitment process: Open to all students. However, some projects may require students to sign up ahead of time so we can order the proper amount of materials.

Schedule: Mondays- from 2:30 to 4:30

Sponsors: Ms. Parton and Mr. Donitzen



This is a partnership between Holmes Middle School, DELL and the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital. The objective of this club is to provide young ladies the opportunity to become acquainted with Coding and develop computer skills in a fun and safe environment.

Recruitment process: Girls must apply at specific times of the year.

Schedule: Thursday

Sponsor: Ms. Zavala (GSS)



An opportunity for all students who need extra help in Math to enjoy the tutoring of two Math teachers.

Recruitment process: Open to all students

Schedule: Wednesday

Sponsors: Ms. Iaquinta Springer and Mr. Kurland



The Mentor Program provides opportunities for Grade 6-8 students to connect with an adult mentor who will serve as a role model, friend, guide, listener, motivator, and advocate in finding and developing his or her strengths (both academic and behavior).

Recruitment process: Student referrals will be sent by staff, then compiled into a list for Mentors to select from following their submission of an interest form and training session.

Schedule:    Quarterly program events (TBD by Sponsors, 1x/Quarter), and weekly check-ins and monthly after-school meetings (TBD, varies by Mentors/Mentees), Quarterly events (TBD), Monthly after-school meetings (TBD, varies by Mentors/Mentees)

Sponsors: TBD



Students who participated in Homework room or worked with a teacher are welcome to join in games and sports after their academic work. Sports may be conducted in the Main Gym or outside on the black top or fields if weather allows.

Recruitment process: Open to all students every day.

Schedule: Monday through Friday 2:30PM to 3:30 PM

Sponsors: Mr. James Yoon and ASP' staff, @email 



The Holmes Middle School Theatre Department offers several after school options. Each year we perform a Fall Play and a Spring Musical. , HMS' Theatre Department also has an after school audition based Theatre Sports Team. Theatre Sports is competitive improv, and we compete against other FCPS middle schools.

Recruitment process: Students need to audition for these productions and should stay tuned to school announcements and flyers for information about when and how to do so. Students who are interested in being on the Stage Crew for these productions should see Ms. Ferrante. Lastly, HMS' Theatre Department also has an after school audition based Theatre Sports Team.

Schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and any additional day that is needed.

Sponsor: Ms. Elizabeth Murphy



Students meet to learn and discuss ways to protect and improve our environment. This club is in charge to collect recyclables at Holmes Middle School. Students earn community service hours for their weekly collection.

Recruitment process: Open to all students at the beginning of October.

Schedule: Thursday 2:30 PM to 4:15PM

Sponsor: Mr. Han Yi  @email



The SCA builds student leaders, instills a service-driven mindset, develops and executes community service and philanthropic events.

Recruitment Process: Any student who is interested in increasing their skills and qualities of leadership, academic success, school spirit, and community service may apply through an application process. Students selected will be notified 1 week prior to the first SCA meeting. If there are students who were not selected through the initial application process and would like to join, we will open the club up to after the first meeting. Please contact the SCA Advisors for any further questions or concerns.

Schedule: Mondays after school

SCA Calendar: link

Advisors: Mr. James Cho @email | Ms. Paige Aiello @email



An opportunity for our students to develop their team work and Soccer skills.

Recruitment process:  Open to all students

Schedule:  Thursday on the Spring.

Sponsors: Mr. Hypnar



Students who wish to explore and improve various sport skills i.e. Basketball, Football, Soccer, are welcome to join this group.

Recruitment process: Open to all students every session

Schedule: Tuesday 2:30PM to 4:15 PM (Tuesdays there are no Late Buses)

Sponsors: Mr. James Yoon and ASP Staff @email



An 8 weeks tour of James Lee Teen Center that provides our students an opportunity to try the latest computer advances available to the public such as, virtual reality, 3d printing, coding, music, etc.

Recruitment process: Every 12 weeks we select 12 new students who would like to participate in TECHPLORATION. Formal registration and parental authorization are required.

Schedule: Thursdays

Sponsor: Ms. Oviatt



This is a partnership between Holmes Middle school and Thomas Jefferson High School.  TJ students come on agreed days to work with 6th graders that need some extra help in Math.

Recruitment process: 6th grade Math teachers select students who may benefit from additional help in Mathematics.

Schedule: Wednesday 2:30 PM to 3:45PM (TJHS schedule may prevent meeting certain weeks)

Sponsors: Mr. Han Yi and other 6th grade teachers @email



This is a partnership between Holmes M.S., the After School Program Office of FCPS and Arena Stage. Voices of Now is an acting, writing, devising program for young artists, they learn the tools of theater performance, such as movement, vocal expression and collaboration.

Recruitment process: Students must apply to participate in a series of workshops and then audition to study acting and write an original play to be performed at Arena Stage.

Schedule: Monday and Wednesday

Sponsors: Ms. Murphy and Arena Stage artists



An opportunity for our students to develop team work as well as their Volleyball skills.

Recruitment process:  Open to all students

Schedule:  Mondays in the Winter

Sponsors: Mr. Hypnar



Students at Holmes Middle School have much to express. In this club they can use poetry and / or prose to communicate their ideas and feelings to the world.

Recruitment process:  Open to all students

Schedule: Monday and Wednesday

Sponsor: Mr. Collin Whitt



Primary goal is to produce a high-quality yearbook, students learn writing skills as well as marketing and promotion along with graphic design skills.  The several goals and high expectations, give students the opportunity to work in their own publication, sell it out and make the school a profit!

Recruitment process: Yearbook is open to all students. However, we do require students to fill out an application. A strong commitment is required.

Schedule: Thursday 2:30 to 4:15PM

Sponsors: Cecelia Carmenates @email and Mr. Kelvin Branch