After School Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the After School Program.

1. When does the after-school program begin?

The After-School Program will begin Monday, September 12, 2022.


2. How much does the after-school program cost?

After-School is free to Holmes students. 


3. What are the hours for the after-school program?

  • 2:15-2:45 PM Snack and Club Sign-ins
  • 2:45 – 3:45 First Activity Block
  • 3:45 - 4:45 Second Activity Block
  • 4:45 Late Bus Pick up (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur) NO LATE BUS on Fridays.


4. Are the late buses the same as the regular run buses?

No, there are only 6 late run buses that cover the 19 normal routes, therefore, most students do not ride the same bus for after-school. It is important that students know what is the bus number he/she rides in after-school. Please keep in mind that the stops may require that students walk a little further.


5. Are there late buses every day?

Late buses run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


6. How do you track attendance for after-school and what if I need to know if my child stayed after school?

Teachers who are sponsoring activities will take attendance and report it to the after school office. Parents must authorize in advance their students to stay after school.


7.  How does my child arrange to stay with a teacher?

Students need to arrange to stay with a teacher for academic time by lunch time of that day. This occurs by having a conversation with the teacher during class the day before or the day of. Students may not stay after school with a teacher without previous arrangement. If a student does not have a teacher who is staying after, but wants to participate in after-school, he/she may stay for homework room which is a place to complete homework. Students are supervised but due to the number of students, we aren't able to provide individual assistance or tutoring. Students who need assistance should stay with a teacher.


8. How does my child sign up for an activity?

New activities and/or clubs are promoted in all lunches, describing the club and indicating the date of the interest meeting.This is important as it promotes registration of those students who are genuinely interested in the subject matter.


9. Do I have to attend to all sessions the club or activity meet?

There are some clubs with more strict attendance requirements than others. Those requirements will be discussed during the initial Interest Meeting.


10. What should my child do if the activity is full that they want to participate in?

We see a high demand for students to participate in after-school activities. With finite resources, including staff and physical space, we have to set a limit on the number of students we can safely accommodate in each activity, because of that, we ask you to encourage your student to have a second or third choice of activity if they are eager to participate in after-school. 


11. Is a snack provided during after-school?

Yes, a snack is provided to each student who participates in our after-school program. 


12. What if I only need to stay with my teacher for 30 minutes? Can my parent arrange to pick me up when I am finished?

Yes, students who need to be picked up early may leave with a parent/guardian. Parents should report to the Main Office to sign out the student.


13. How do I know if my child is staying after-school?

Students should communicate with parents at home in advance about their plans for the afternoon. We have very limited clerical staff after-school and it is difficult to field a large number of calls. We understand that emergencies happen but please do everything you can to facilitate good communication with your child about his/her plans. If a student decides to stay after, we do encourage him/her to come to the office during lunch to make the phone call. Unfortunately, when your child calls you after-school does not give you a say in their plans as by the time they call you, the regular buses have already left for the day. Please be pro-active and define your plans ahead of time


14. How can my student start a new club?

If a student wants to organize a club, the student should look for other students who share a similar interest. The students should look for a member of the school faculty to sponsor their club. We understand that organizing a club may seem a big challenge at this age, for this reason, we suggest the students meet with the After-School Program Specialist for guidance and support.