Mr. Moreno Named Region 2 Outstanding Support Employee

Four Other Holmes MS Staff Members Recognized at FCPS Honors

By Department of Human Resources
July 19, 2017

a photo of jose morenoCongratulations to biology teacher Jose Moreno was recognized at the annual FCPS Honors event as the 2017 Region 2 Outstanding School-based Support Employee and one of five finalists for this year's Outstanding School-based Support Employee Award.

Mr. Moreno goes above and beyond in his job as building supervisor. Not only does he ensure that the school is maintained and that community needs are met, he also serves as an inspiration to students because of all that he’s accomplished. Supervisors praise him as reliable, caring and detail oriented – someone who came mid-year and jumped right in. Mr. Moreno often shares the story of his journey to the U.S. and his struggles as an immigrant with students either through an AVID or regular class. One eight grader said Mr. Moreno's story was so touching it made her cry, “He works so hard in our school,” she said. “He is so nice and kind. But he gave us really good advice: He didn’t let anyone or anything bring him down, and look where he is now.”

Congratulations also to the other Rocky Run Middle School employees recognized at the event.

Outstanding Secondary New Teacher School-level Recipient

  • Hannah Lowson, (Spanish Teacher) 

Outstanding Secondary Teacher School and Pyramid-level Recipient

  • Bridget Cheatham, (Health and Physical Education Teacher)

Outstanding School-based Hourly Employee School-level Recipient

  • Berta Stamp, (Parent Liaison)

Outstanding School-based Leader School-level Recipient

  • Yolma Torres, (School Counselor)

Thank you to Karli Eddinger for all of his hard work with the nomination process by serving as this year's awards liaison.