Did You Know Any Student May Choose to Take Honors Classes?

Honors Flyer (pdf)

What is an honors class?

Honors classes often move at a faster pace and explore the content in more depth. They challenge you to make connections with other content areas and the world through problem solving and independent investigations.

What are the benefits of taking an honors class?

Honors classes challenge you to expand your thinking and develop new skills. Experiencing these challenges builds your confidence and prepares you for high school courses. Tasks in honors level classes give you opportunities to explore your passions and interests more in depth.

How will I know if I am ready for honors classes?

Do you have strengths or interests in particular subjects? Do you like to be challenged in school? Honors classes are a great opportunity to further develop your strengths and explore your interests in those subjects. If you want to learn how to work on challenging tasks and push yourself to grow, even when things are difficult, honors classes may be for you.

How many honors classes should I take?

You are encouraged to take at least one honors class in middle school to experience a higher level of academic rigor before going to high school. You may choose to take honors classes in math, English, social studies, and science. When deciding how many honors classes to take, consider your strengths and interests, outside responsibilities and activities, and time management skills.

How much homework will I have in middle school honors classes?

Honors classes should not have more homework than other classes. Fairfax County Public Schools has a policy that homework in middle school should not exceed 1.5 hours daily. Long-term projects may require additional time.

Where can I find additional information about the honors classes?

Families and students can talk to teachers and counselors at the elementary school to help make decisions about Honors classes in middle school. The Directors of Student Services at your middle school can provide additional information about honors classes.