Device Help

Device guidelines, responsibilities, and maintenance

As with any other instructional material, the student is responsible for his or her device. Teachers work with students on responsible use of their laptop. Each device comes with a protective bag for safekeeping.

Students are required to report a lost or stolen device immediately to their Tech Staff/Student Help Desk. Parents should call the Fairfax County Police non-emergency number, 703-691-2131, to file a police report if the device is stolen while away from school. 

If a device is damaged, students should report this to their Tech Staff/Student Help Desk and follow designated procedures in place within the school. Students will be provided a working device until the device issued to them is repaired or replaced. Learn more about Student Device Guidelines.

The devices come with a warranty.  Maintenance and repairs are covered by FCPS.  Tech support is provided at school for the device and teachers can explain to your student what to do should their device need repair. Do not take a school issued device to a retail store for repair or support. Tech Staff will coordinate repair of the device.

Each device is the property of FCPS. Parent/Guardian and student will be asked to review all aspects of the Fairfax County Public School’s Student Rights and Responsibility, the Acceptable Use Policy for Network Access, and the Responsible Use Guidelines.  These documents apply to the use and care of the Student Device both at school and outside of school.

A parent/guardian and student will be asked to review the device check out form.  Normal wear and tear (and accidents) will be covered by FCPS, unless there is evidence of unusual or regular abuse of the device.  Parent/Guardian agrees to reimburse the school for any damage caused as a result of student negligence or misconduct regardless of where the damage occurs.

FCPS recognizes that students may not have access to the Internet away from school, so we do provide aCommunity Internet Access Map of places that provide free access to our students. Additionally, all Fairfax County public libraries offer free Internet. Access to Technology provides additional information on technology and internet resources for families.

If a student moves or changes schools during the school year, the student will need to return the device to the school. All devices are returned to the school at the end of each school year.

Parent-Teacher Communication

Maintaining teacher-parent communication is very important.

Teachers at all levels are expected to use FCPS 24/7 (Blackboard) as the primary digital tool for communicating with parents about what is going on in their classroom. Middle school and high school teachers use the online grade book, Student Information System (SIS), for data and information related to scheduling, attendance, discipline, health, grades, test results, and academic programs. All parents in FCPS have access to both SIS and FCPS 24/7 Blackboard.

Parents are encouraged to use email as a way to quickly connect with teachers if you have concerns or questions about your child.